#227: Go to Savannah

River Street Savannah

River Street Savannah

LOCATION: Savannah, GA

            My friend Kristi wanted to go visit her parent’s who live outside of Savannah and asked me to come with for a travel companion. I was excited to finally see Savannah since I’ve heard such great stories of the fun and amazing bars there.

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We weren’t able to make it into Savannah until Sunday. Unfortunately, during that time they had passed a law that made it illegal to open a bar on Sunday. I was stuck without my fun bar experience. We did walk along River Street though which was pretty and historic along the riverbed. I saw various ghost tours taking place too. I wish we had done that!

My time in Savannah was short. There isn’t a lot to do there if the bars are closed. Eventually I will need to make it back, ride my bike to the various places and take my beers to go because that is what the area is all about.

* Thank you Kristi for accompanying me on this adventure and letting me stay at your parent’s house.

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN?: Yes! Savannah is a very interesting place. I need to go back when everything is open though.

HOW TO DO THIS: Find tours of Savannah at www.savannahtours.us


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