#224: Model for a Magazine

My magazine shoot. Photo by Glenn Fajota

My magazine shoot. Photo by Glenn Fajota

LOCATION: Hampton Roads Magazine. Norfolk, VA.  

             While on a break from Troy, I was nominated as one of 20 Hampton Roads’ Sensational Singles. I agreed to do it since I thought it would be fun to get my hair and makeup done and actually be featured in a magazine. I was not happy about the date auction at the end of it all though.

On the day of the event, I went to Glenn Fajota’s studio in Norfolk for my hair and makeup. I had seen Glenn’s work before and was really excited to see what photos would come of it. I’m not sure who the hair and makeup artists were, but they were horrible to say the least! I had straightened my hair before the shoot (my hair is naturally really curly, and I don’t like it). They attempted to put some soft curls at the bottom of my hair and couldn’t manage to do it. After about an hour in the hair chair, they were able to get some curls to stick. It looked alright, but for being professionals, I expected so much more. Next was makeup! I was pretty excited about this because I have a hard time experimenting with makeup. I usually don’t wear anything on my face except my eyes and I always stick with the smoky look since it makes them stand out more in a tasteful way. I really wanted to see what they would come up with for me instead. One of the other girls had super dramatic pink makeup that looked fantastic and I couldn’t wait to see what I would get. The girl lined my eyes super thick, didn’t use shadow and didn’t use hardly anything else. This was it? I was left with a thick black line around my eyes and that was the best she could do? I wasn’t happy at all.

Waiting for my shoot

Waiting for my shoot

My magazine shoot. Photo by Glenn Fajota

My magazine shoot. Photo by Glenn Fajota

Hampton Roads Sensation Singles

Hampton Roads Sensation Singles

We then all went out for photos. I was shocked to see that there were no special lighting units or anything like what I expected at a professional photoshoot. But, maybe that was just how Glenn works, who knows. It was a bright, sunny, and windy day and I was left squinting and trying to get my hair out of my face. They continued to take shots while my hair was IN my face too, explaining “oh we can photoshop that out.” Yea right. I left the experience not exactly happy with the type of work I saw.

The shoot was in September, and later in October, the magazine came out. The group wasn’t even on the cover! It was one woman, and our individual shots inside. I contacted Glenn and he graciously sent me the shots he took of me. They were just ok. I usually enjoy his work so much, so I was surprised.

Overall, my experience wasn’t great. Hampton Roads magazine employs some of the rudest people ever and their auction for the single’s event is extremely bad. I will never do something like this ever again. At least I managed to get out of the “date” though!

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN?: For Hampton Roads Magazine, definitely not!!!

Glenn Fajota’s Photography: http://www.glennfajota.com/


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