#210: Experience an Earthquake

Waiting to go back in after the earthquake

Waiting to go back in after the earthquake

LOCATION: Norfolk, Virginia.

            It is not my desire to be in an earthquake, however like I’ve said many times before, I want to experience everything. I’ve been through plenty of hurricanes and tornadoes. I’ve lived through a volcano eruption while living in Hawaii and even lived through a tsunami when it hit there. All that was left was an earthquake.

While in Vegas in 2010 I experienced a tiny one, but I was told that it couldn’t count. I was standing in the hotel room and the bathroom door started creaking. It was creepy!! Turns out, there was a huge earthquake in California and it was felt in Vegas. I just thought we had a ghost. Haha. This time, I felt it!

I was at work, surrounded by the many cubicles around me. I decided to call my mom and was on the phone with her. The floor started shaking, but I didn’t think anything of it because the floor always shook when people walked around. I thought someone was just running through the room. Then, my mom said, “What is THAT!” She obviously felt it too. I stood up and said, “Oh man, this is an earthquake guys!” I quickly got off the phone with my mom when the fire alarms went off and we were ushered outside. We waited in the parking lot for the all clear and went back inside. Floods of information was coming in everywhere about the earthquake. It was a 5.8 magnitude earthquake in Mineral VA. The effects of it were felt the worst in DC and northern Virginia. It was crazy to feel the shaking from it and we all had a good laugh that we though one of our coworkers was running through the office.


Luckily my experience was not a scary one. I can’t imagine dealing with the severe quakes in California. I’ll be happy to not experience another one of these ever again. Too bad I didn’t think to get a better picture.


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