#209: Go Crabbing



LOCATION: Rudee Inlet. Virginia Beach, VA.

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My friend Kristi suggested we go crabbing at the beach. I knew it would be interesting and fun, but I had no idea that it was SO much fun! We grabbed her collapsible crab pots and headed for Rudee Inlet. The place we decided to go was a shallow, rocky place under a bridge. Perfect for crabs! We tied some raw chicken to the pots and lowered them in the water. Immediately, a crab walked into the trap. However, as soon as I moved in to pull the rope to close the trap, he saw me and ran out. I had no idea how well crabs could see. I was going to have to be sneaky about this.

Eventually I was able to pull in two crabs. Va Beach crab season is really the best in June and July. So, the crabs weren’t a plenty at this time. Kristi and I took our two crabs home and cooked them though. So yummy! I can’t wait to go crabbing again though!!

*Thank you Kristi for accompanying me on this adventure!

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN?: Yes! This was sooooo much fun. Crabs are yummy

HOW TO DO THIS: Buy collapsible crab pots from a sporting or fishing store. Tie raw chicken to the bottom of the pot. Lower it to a shallow area and wait. Crabs can really see you well, so back up. When they crawl in, pick the pot up.


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