#208: Eat a Lobster from Maine

Poor Bosco.

Poor Bosco.

LOCATION: Virginia Beach, VA.

            Nope, I have never had lobster before…not even a tail. I decided that if I were going to eat lobster, it would be one of three ways. Either I was going to eat a lobster from Maine, catch a lobster while diving, or win a lobster in one of those lobster claw machines at the beach bars around here. Those were the ONLY ways. I had searched several websites online for shipping Maine lobsters. While they were expensive, I was willing to do it. However, while shopping at a military grocery store, I noticed that they sold lobster…FROM MAINE! DING! DING! I picked up two 1.5lb lobsters and decided to cook them for Troy and my 1-year anniversary.

In order to cook a lobster, I had to get a big pot about a quart full of water with some salt mixed in. The lobsters would essentially be steamed. When it came time to cook them, I couldn’t do it. I made the sad mistake of naming the lobsters (Ricky and Bosco). This was a big mistake! I did it as a joke, but it attached me to them so then I felt bad about cooking them. Finally, after being scolded by Troy, I quickly put them in the pot. It squealed at first. I was always told that lobsters scream, but the squealing is actually gas escaping their shell and not screaming at all. As soon as you place a lobster in the pot, it dies instantly. Poor Bosco and Ricky didn’t suffer at all.

He's all done!

He’s all done!

After about 10 minutes, the lobsters were bright red and VERY HOT. We let them sit for several minutes and still their shells were really hot to open. The whole process for getting meat out of a lobster is the most unglamorous thing ever. Juice and shell parts were flying everywhere. I really just wanted to bite everything off like in the movie “Splash.” Eventually, we got all the meat out. It was a tough, long job. I now see why lobsters are reserved for special occasions…it takes so long!

I look forward to having a full lobster again though. Maybe next time I can catch it myself…and not name them!

* Thank you Troy for accompanying me on this adventure, being the biggest supporter in what I do and always being there to take the pictures for me. Happy 1 year anniversary full of adventure!

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN?: Yes, lobsters are yummy! It was a lot of work to crack the whole lobster apart though.

HOW TO DO THIS: You can have Maine lobsters shipped by www.livelob.com


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