#203: Go on a Vacation Alone

Heading to Zion

Heading to Zion

LOCATION: Zion, Utah

This is part of my Zion Trip series. This is the start of the series.

            For a while now, I’ve wanted to explore a place on my own. At 28 years old, you would think it would have happened by now. Sadly, I never felt confident in my abilities to get around a location by myself. I’m not the most savvy with maps (or I should say I didn’t used to be) and I was insecure with being alone in a new place in general. I really wanted to go to Zion though, so why should I let going alone stop me?

The vacation would start in Vegas and would include a two hour drive to Springdale, Utah. From there, I would go on a canyoneering excursion with a hired guide. You can read about that experience HERE. Then I would go on my own hiking excursion to Zion National Park, which you can read about HERE.

I arrived in Vegas and picked up my car. The two hour drive was relatively easy and had gorgeous views into the mountains. Many roads were carved through the mountains. It made for a great drive. The next day I went on my canyoneering trip and my hike to Zion. What I learned from this experience is that I am capable of finding my way and surviving. I think it is important to know that you can handle things when not relying on someone else. I think that was a huge crutch for me before. If someone was around, I would rely on them. Now I know I am fully ready to just take things on myself. I also broke my insecurities with being alone. There is nothing wrong with doing something alone. In fact, it is kind of nice. No, I’m probably not going to get into any nightlife since that is an unsafe idea for a woman alone, but I get to do whatever I want and when I want. If I choose to wake early, so be it. It is truly freeing knowing that the trip was fun all on my own. This opens up a vast amount of opportunities for me. I no longer have to HAVE a travel companion if I don’t want to.

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN?: Yes! I think everyone should go on a vacation alone.


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