#202: Snorkel in the Bahamas

Snorkeling in Freeport

Snorkeling in Freeport

LOCATION: Freeport, Bahamas

This is part of my Carnival Cruise series. This is the end of the series.

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While in Freeport, we were able to go on a snorkel excursion since the weather proved to be much nicer this day. We met our boat and the crew. The snorkel crew was all very funny to be around, especially Captain K-Ron. As we went out, we were shown a boat that was used in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie, among other parts of town that were used in movies.

We snorkeled in several locations during our three hour excursion. The drift was heavy but there were tons and tons of fish around us. I was unable to get Troy out of the water since he’s never seen that many colorful fish before.

After snorkeling for a while, we had a leisurely boat ride back and were refreshed with some local rum punch. After supplying all the tourists with their cups, Captain K-Ron and Troy decided to partake in the rest of the gigantic water jug of rum punch. Needless to say, we made it back to the island with a very drunk Troy and Captain K-Ron wanting to show us all the various liquor stores. To see more of this story, go HERE.

* Thank you Troy for accompanying me on this adventure, being the biggest supporter in what I do and always being there to take the pictures for me.


HOW TO DO THIS: This was part of a Carnival Cruise excursion.


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