#195: Brew My Own Beer

Stirring the wort into the keg

Stirring the wort into the keg

LOCATION: Virginia Beach, VA

            For Christmas, Troy got me a Mr. Beer brewing kit. It was on my list to brew my own beer, but I think he really wanted to have two gallons of fresh beer himself. Haha. We picked out a light tasting beer and received the kit. The kit came with everything we needed to make beer including a keg like barrel to hold the beer in. The instructions looked complicated at first. I had no idea so much went into the beer making process. There are four steps in the beer making process.

Step 1 is sanitizing. To do this I had to fill the keg with water and the cleaner that was provided. I also had to add all utensils that were going to be used in the beer process. This beer was going to be clean dammit!

Sanitizing the keg

Sanitizing the keg

Step 2 was brewing. To complete the brewing stage, I had to stir a mixture together called the wort. It contained HME, water and booster in it. The mixture was gel like and very clumpy. I felt like I was stirring forever to get it smooth and ready for the brewing process. After 30 minutes of vigorous stirring, it was ready. I poured it into the keg and sprinkled yeast on top. This is called pitching the yeast and starts the fermenting process. I then closed up the keg, placed it a corner out of sunlight, and waited 14 days.

Step 3 was bottling/carbonating. To complete this step, I had to fill bottles with sugar and the beer. I then inverted the bottles several times to mix the sugar and beer together. These bottles were then placed in a corner out of sunlight for another 14 days.

Step 4 was conditioning. This basically consisted of placing the bottles in the refrigerator for at least 7 days.

Finally, after 35 days I could drink my beer!!! The taste was crisp and very good. It’s a good thing too because it made 2 gallons of it. PARTY TIME!

* Thank you Troy for a great Christmas gift, for accompanying me on this adventure, being the biggest supporter in what I do and always being there to take the pictures for me.

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN?: Yes, it was tasty! Time consuming, but good.

HOW TO DO THIS: Mr. Beer Brewing Kit is about $39-59. Various flavors of beer as well. www.mrbeer.com


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