#194: Go Sailing

Our sailboat

Our sailboat

LOCATION: Cozumel, Mexico

This item is part of my Cozumel Trip Series. This is the end of the series.

            The resort I was staying at offered free sailing lessons, so the whole family signed up to try it out. The guide barely spoke any English, so his lessons were definitely difficult to understand. We were going to go out on a small catamaran sailboat and it wasn’t windy at all that day so I knew it was going to be a small challenge. However, our guide was able to sail perfectly. We were going all over the place and fast as he tried to explain how to work all the sails and ropes to Troy. It was a lot of fun while we went sailing with our professional. After about 15 minutes, we returned back to the shore to drop off our guide, it would now be our turn to sail the vessel.

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Troy decided to take the Captain status since he was the one that paid the most attention to the lessons. We sailed out away from the shore for a small distance and then stopped. The sails weren’t getting any wind and we were unable to move. How did the guide do it? We tried so hard to manipulate it the way he did, but only managed to move small increments each time. We eventually made it somewhat closer to shore, but were much farther away from where we needed to be. Unable to move, Troy decided to get out and push us back.

Troy pushing us

Troy pushing us

Luckily he was able to stand in the shallow water, but we sailed back to the pier from him running and pushing. What a good workout for him! Now all I need is a relaxing sailing adventure, or to actually learn how to do it properly.

*Thank you Mom and Dad for accompanying me on this adventure. Also, thank you Troy for accompanying me on this adventure and pushing us back, being the biggest supporter in what I do and always being there to take the pictures for me.

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN?: Yes, and hopefully actually figure it out!

HOW TO DO THIS: This was part of a special option at my resort.


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