#192: Ride an ATV

Troy and me on our ATV tour

Troy and me on our ATV tour

LOCATION: Cozumel, Mexico

This item is part of my Cozumel Trip Series.

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I’ve had opportunities to ride an ATV before, especially while I was living in Arizona. I’m not sure why I never did it though, because they are super fun. Troy and I decided to do a small excursion since it was available in Mexico. The tour through Wild Tours offered a 2 hour ATV excursion where we would go to a Mayan village with Mayan Ruins. You can read about my Mayan ruins adventure HERE. Afterwards, we would be transported to a beach for a 1.5 hour snorkel excursion.

Even though we booked on our own, the majority of our group was from a cruise and had done the snorkel tour before the ATV tour. We didn’t even know that was an option, but figured we would snorkel after anyways. We decided to do the double rider option since I didn’t really want to drive my own ATV and instead let Troy drive. I’m not sure if that was the best idea or not. HA! When we DID get the chance to go fast, Troy was reckless with the driving and went all over the place. Lucky for me, the tour was bogged down a good majority of the time and we had to stay single file and not go fast. However, every opportunity available, Troy did his best to scare the crap out of me. It was fun, but I can see why it would be even better if able to go off on your own and not be in a line. We were muddy by the end of it and full of dust.

Afterwards they never took us to the Mayan village and almost didn’t take us on our snorkel trip since everyone else had gone before hand. After complaining, they just took us to the beach and then made us leave after 30 minutes. We didn’t even get the full time. Needless to say, this was a really bad company to go through. I’ll definitely have to try an ATV out in the open though…just maybe not with Troy driving.

* Thank you Troy for accompanying me on this adventure, being the biggest supporter in what I do and always being there to take the pictures for me.

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN?: I would ride an ATV again, but not through this company. What a waste.

HOW TO DO THIS: Wild Tours ATV & Beach Tour Combo. $140 for a double rider. http://www.wild-tours.com/ns/wt_atv1.htm


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