#183 & 184: Go to Cozumel & Relax on a Foreign Island For a Week

Troy and me in Cozumel

Troy and me in Cozumel

LOCATION: Cozumel, Mexico

This item is part of my Cozumel Trip Series. This is the start of the series.

            After flying on a plane and a long walk to customs with the Mexican military surrounding us with gigantic guns, we had arrived to Cozumel. It was my first tropical location outside of the United States. We picked an all-inclusive hotel. That meant all you can eat, all the activities you want, and all you can DRINK DRINK DRINK. This place was going to lose money on Troy for sure!

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Our resort was the Occidental Grand Hotel and it was gorgeous. Beautiful Spanish tile everywhere and a private beach with the clearest, bluest water I’ve ever seen. I really loved Hawaii, but this seemed so much prettier to me. The hotel even had an iguana lying around the pool. His name was Pumpkin. We immediate went to get our first of many drinks.

Our week was spent snorkeling in the private beach area, kayaking, parasailing and sailing. We partied it up a few nights and even during the day. Also, while vacationing we went scuba diving, drove some atvs and went on a massive adventure tour in Playa Del Carmen. I really hope to do another trip like this again someday.

* Thank you Troy for accompanying me on this adventure, being the biggest supporter in what I do and always being there to take the pictures for me. Thank you Mom and Dad for accompanying me on this adventure as well.

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN?: YES! This place was one of the best vacations!

HOW TO DO THIS: Occidental Grand Hotel in Cozumel. All inclusive hotel. http://www.occidentalhotels.com/grand/Cozumel.asp


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