#182: Go Paddleboarding

Sunset Paddleboarding

Sunset Paddleboarding

LOCATION: First Landing State Park. Virginia Beach, VA

            I thought kayaking was fun, but paddleboarding was a million times better! With a groupon, I signed up with a friend for a 2 hour sunset paddle tour. A lot of people were getting into the craze of paddleboarding. It looked kind of hard too. It is a surf board that you basically kayak on standing up. How does that even work?!

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Upon arrival, we were given a brief explanation on how to work the board. You start by kneeling on it and paddle yourself out with the one oar. Once ready, you look straight ahead towards the horizon and raise yourself up keeping your feet at shoulder width apart. Looking straight ahead holds your balance into place. I was able to keep my balance really well and only fell once when a boat’s wake went by and knocked me off. The whole trip was just really relaxing and calm. The smooth water was pristine to ride on and the sound of the small waves under the board really centered me. I could sit out here forever!

We rode during sunset which proved to be very beautiful and made for some amazing first pictures. Before I knew it, my experience was up and I had to return the board. I knew I would own one someday though. I couldn’t pass up on that calming feeling. Not to mention how good of an exercise it was! My legs and butt hurt!!!

*Thank you Bryan for accompanying me on this adventure.

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN?: Yes! This was SO much fun!

HOW TO DO THIS: Tula Adventure Sports offers tours $45 for 2 hours. http://www.tulasports.com/


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