#178: Meet Andrew McMahon

Meeting Andrew McMahon

Meeting Andrew McMahon

LOCATION: The Hat Factory. Richmond, VA

            My idol, the person I look up to and aspire to be half as great as he is, is Andrew McMahon (singer/pianist/songwriter for Jack’s Mannequin and Something Corporate). Only being one month older than me, he has experienced so much and his amazing work shows it. Battling leukemia at 22 has increased his humbleness. The most amazing concert I’ve seen him in was when he played acoustic at a D.C. Jewish synagogue. It was just him and his piano. He interacted with the crowd, which was less than 100. It was incredible. His inspiration makes me want to look at my life more and aspire for greatness. This is what makes a true idol.

I added “Meet Andrew McMahon” on my list, but never really saw it happening as soon as it did. He was doing a benefit show in Richmond at the Hat Factory, so I decided to go up with my friend Chris and see the show. The show was amazing, as usual. I had brought my camera, and sadly the batteries were dying so I didn’t take any pictures just in case I did need it later. After the show, Chris and I decided to wait for the crowd to clear out before we exited. We sat on some stools on the side of the room. After about 10 minutes or so, I noticed that there were a lot of people waiting around. They all had wristbands. They were the friends and family members of the guy that Andrew’s show was benefiting. Then, there he was. Andrew came out to talk to some of the wristband people. I was in shock. I had no idea that I was going to get my chance tonight. I stood patiently in line, my nerves getting the best of me. What would I even say??

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It was finally my chance. I walked up to him. “Hi, Andrew. I’m Leanne. I want you to know that it’s on my bucket list to meet you, and I finally have!” Andrew smiled, “Well, where’s that list so I can check it off for you?” Sadly, I didn’t have it. He talked to me for a bit more before we took a picture together. I’m so glad I saved the battery on my camera for this shot!

As I left, and headed for my car, I cried. I had finally met him! I guess I cry easily anyways, but it was an overwhelming happiness to finally get that chance to talk to the one person you really want to say everything to. I can’t believe I told him about my bucket list. What a random thing to say, and now he probably thinks I’m dying. HA.

My experience was over, but I was left with an even greater appreciation for who he is. Truly a kind soul with so much greatness to deliver to the world.

* Thank you Chris for accompanying me on this adventure.

Andrew’s Documentary on his battle with leukemia: Dear Jack


HOW TO DO THIS: If you want to meet Andrew, he makes it a point to meet all his fans after the show and he waits outside the bus.


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