#177: Go Kayaking

Back Bay kayaking

Back Bay kayaking

LOCATION: Back Bay Refuge. Virginia Beach, VA.

            I’m actually surprised that it took me this long to go kayaking. I love water activities and it seems to be big in this area. It’s funny that it’s hard to do some of the simplest things. I finally was able to kayak though, and loved it!

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My friend Chris and I went to Sandbridge in Virginia Beach. Out there, is the Back Bay wildlife refuge. It is so beautiful out there with the massive trees, sawgrass and dark water. It almost feels like you stepped out of the area and onto a vacation. We picked up our rentals from Surf and Adventure and were able to leave directly from their dock. It was about 2 miles to get to the main opening in back bay and 2 miles back. At first, it took me a minute to get the strokes down, but soon I was kayaking like a pro. We had sit on top kayaks, and I’m glad because I don’t know how to roll a regular one if I needed to. We took our time getting to the main back bay part. Along the way we saw snakes and turtles and even an otter at one point. What a great day spent on the water!

*Thank you Chris for accompanying me on this adventure.

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN?: Yes, the area is very pretty in Back Bay and kayaking is fun.

HOW TO DO THIS: Surf and Adventure offer kayaks for rent for cheap. Leave directly from their docks for $22. http://surfandadventure.com/


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