#176: Make a Difference in Someone’s Life

Baby Kade

Baby Kade

LOCATION: Virginia Beach, VA.

            Back in September of 2009, my friend Jocelynn announced that she was pregnant. Unfortunately, her husband would be leaving for an 8 month deployment fairly soon. She would be stuck going through the pregnancy and delivery alone since she didn’t have family on the East Coast. I immediately stepped up to the plate as “interim dad” or as Jocelynn liked to call me, “Bad Ass Birth Coach.”

We did all the shopping and Lamaze classes together. I also went to a lot of her appointments, especially the sonogram ones. I wanted her to know that she had someone at all times and didn’t want her to be scared at all. In the process, I learned so much about babies and going through a pregnancy.

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Eventually, on May 22nd, the little boy was born. He was born via c-section, and I was unable to be in the room with her, but I was able to see the little boy immediately after and was the first to hold him. The experience immediately bonded me to her son. It was great to see the gratitude and joy in Jocelynn’s face when she knew that I was there for her no matter what. I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything and would do it all over again if needed to. I’m glad I was able to make that difference in someone’s life.

*Thank you Jocelynn for letting me join on your personal journey and adventure into mommyhood.


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