#175: Learn to Shoot a Gun

My best shooting pose

My best shooting pose

LOCATION: Virginia Beach, VA

            I’m a firm believer that anyone should know how to fire a gun for the simple reason that at any moment, you may need to use it.  I would never own a gun myself, but figured shooting one and learning about it would be fun.

A friend decided to show me how to shoot his .22 caliber handgun. I was eager to learn on what was deemed “an easy gun to shoot.” We decided to go to the indoor range near my house. Never been shooting before, how was I supposed to know you couldn’t wear sandals! Needless to say, I wasn’t “gun” prepared and had to retreat out to my car to wear my BOWLING shoes.  Yes, I shot a gun…wearing bowling shoes. After my attire was finally approved, all the new people to the range had to take a gun safety brief where you read 10 pages of material and were quizzed out loud in front of everyone. It was definitely embarrassing being the only female in a room of gun crazy men. However, with multiple whispers of the correct answer, I passed the safety test.

Learning to shoot

Learning to shoot

Learning to shoot

Learning to shoot

I placed myself in my range cubical and prepared to shoot my zombie target (man, I love zombies!). I expected a large recoil, but was pleasantly surprised that it was barely noticeable since the caliber was so small. After a few missed shots, I managed to hit my target dead on every time! While I am now fully ready to take down some major intruders…for the time being, I’m fine being gun free.

Unfortunately, the range would not allow me to take photos inside. Therefore, these photos are from when I learned at a later date using a .45 caliber gun. I definitely missed my target every time with THAT gun. haha

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN?: Yea, it was fun! I think everyone should know how to work a gun for safety reasons.


Indoor range I shot at: A & P Arms Lynnhaven Shooting Range.

Outdoor range I shot at later that was MUCH better: C2 Shooting Center http://www.thec2center.com/


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