#171: Go Skydiving



LOCATION: Skydive Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada

This is part of my Las Vegas Trip series.

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After arrive extremely late to the West Coast (and still on East Coast time) the next day brought a long ride out to the Vegas jump sight. I went through Skydive Las Vegas for my venture. Having had my last two jump attempts canceled (in San Diego in 2007 and Arizona in Jan of this year) due to wind, I found myself not nervous at all. I just really REALLY wanted to get this jump accomplished. Third times’ a charm, right?

Third time's a charm for skydiving

Third time’s a charm for skydiving

Lady Luck was on my side though because the wind held off while I was there. After a 2 minute brief on how to hold your body while flying we suited up and waited for a few hours. Needless to say, nobody prepares you for the wait time before skydiving. You really do wait a long time. Finally I was able to embark on my journey. I boarded the tiny plane and took my seat in the back with my tandem instructor. He was from Australia and had the most awesome accent. But, then again, I’m a sucker for any accent. The ride up to 15,000 feet made me slightly more nervous than the actual jump itself and I began to get the thoughts of “What the hell am I doing?!”  Those thoughts stopped as soon as the hatch was open for the jumps. All nerves literally went out the window and my mind was then in “survival” mode. I was the last to jump so I was able to watch everyone practice their stances before being sucked out of the plane. I was prepared for what was about to go down. It was then my turn!

My instructor and I hoisted ourselves onto the platform and let the wind pull us out. We did a little flip as I could see the plane roll out from under me and out of sight. The freefall was 120 MPH and for 60 seconds. Considering you’re so high up and falling so fast, you don’t feel anything except the wind against you. I equate it to putting your hand out of the car window while driving down the highway; feels normal. Vegas in April proved to be a VERY chilly jump and I felt frozen!  Once the 60 seconds were up the canopy opened and I soared through the skies and headed toward the bottom. Apparently you could see 3 states from my height and the Hoover Dam. However, I didn’t see anything but desert ground. I was more in awe of the feeling of flying than anything. I expected to feel more than I did. While still fun, a rollercoaster had more “flight” compared to this. My instructor let me take the ropes to steer the canopy, which was surprisingly hard to do with the resistance and before you knew it the 8 minutes of flight was done and I slid to the ground.  My adventure was over, but not without an impact made. It was as so much fun! The actual experience wasn’t scary at all and I knew I wanted to do it again! Skydiving…to be continued!


HOW TO DO THIS: Skydive Vegas: Tandem $199 with free hotel shuttle. They also provide photo packages. http://www.skydivelasvegas.com/


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