#170: Go to Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Las Vegas

LOCATION: Las Vegas, Nevada

This is part of my Las Vegas Trip series. This is the start of the series.

VIVA LAS VEGAS…and man am I ever going to hell! My friends, Tiphanie, Kel and I arrived to Sin City for the Easter weekend. For the superstitious type (which I can be at times) this might not be a good sign, especially when my skydiving jump was happening the next day. However, I’m alive now…so YAY for an Easter survival! Arriving to Vegas was brief since I got in well past midnight and had to get up at 6am for my jump. The bright lights and bank account draining would have to wait for awhile. The next day, I ended up going skydiving. You can read about that experience HERE.

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Now that the excitement of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane was over, it was time to lose some money! And that I did! We hit the Las Vegas strip during the day and I was in awe from all the huge and elaborate hotels. I had my first gambling experience at the Luxor Hotel and Casino, which you can read about HERE. Afterwards, we walked up and down the strip taking in all the sights of the various hotels. I also was able to see the Bellagio fountains, which you can read about HERE. MGM, Bellagio, Caesars’ Palace and the Venetian are by far some of the coolest hotels inside.

Later that night we were able to see a Cirque Du Soleil show called “Mystere.” You can read about that experience HERE. I didn’t get to experience too much of the nightlife that night because it was so cold and windy that it shut down a lot of the outside stuff.

Not a lot of people know about this, but Vegas has a monorail system that runs behind the strip and can get you from one side to the other for really cheap. This was a life savor since we were walking so much. I had a close call with security at one point though. I bought my monorail pass at the MGM Hotel. When I went to use my pass, it was not screening or letting me through the turnstiles. Kel and Tiphanie made it through just fine. I yelled out for security or someone working the booth, and no one came. After waiting for 10 minutes or so, I jumped the turnstile. Immediately, security came out. Where the guy was before, I have no idea. But, there he was ready to cuff me.

Jumping the turnstiles in Vegas is a CRIME!

Jumping the turnstiles in Vegas is a CRIME!

Officer: “You know it is a felony to jump this right?”

Me: “I have a pass, and it wasn’t working. I yelled out for help for 10 minutes! No one came.”

Tiphanie begins to take her camera out since I was about to go to jail. The officer glared at her and she put it back away. He then glanced at my pass and saw the timestamp. He tried to get it to work and it still wouldn’t. He issued me a new one and sent us on our way. Can you imagine if I had to call my parents from a Vegas jail for jumping a stupid turnstile? Of all the things in Vegas…ha!

The Vegas lights at night were even more inspiring as it made it seem almost like day. While walking around with one of those HUGE daiquiri towers, (which I recommend adding 2 additional shots of rum in) I saw Elvis, Batman and Jack Sparrow, OH MY. I was handed dozens upon dozens of prostitute cards on the corner of every street. I saw pretty hotel interiors, like that of the Venetian Hotel. And, I was given plenty of tasty free drinks while I gambled my bank account away on the Craps table. After squandering away all my gambling money I was forced to watch others gamble or just walk around. Needless to say, after 3 days I felt my Vegas fix was good to go and I was ready to come home.

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN?: With the right people, yes. I’m not that into Vegas though.


Vegas Monorail system: Various day passes to choose from. Very worth it! http://www.lvmonorail.com/


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